Crime Prevention

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department would like to remind all of our residents, business owners, and visitors, to remain vigilant when it comes to our everyday tasks. Here are a few reminders to assist in preventing crime and to ensure your safety.


Always be aware of your surroundings

Trust your instincts

Walk with confidence and purpose


Keep your doors locked, even if you are home or going out for a few minutes. Windows should be closed and locked before leaving your residence.


Do not open your door to strangers, solicitors, or uninvited guests. Acknowledge callers thru a locked door or window. Regardless of the circumstances or persuasiveness of the individual (I need help; I need to you to come outside to look at something), advise the person to leave their information at the door. If they continue to request your help, advise them you are calling the police and to wait by the street.


Shred everything. This should include all bills, bank or credit card statements, anything that has your name, address, date of birth, social security number, or any other identifiable information on it.


Never give out your personal information. This could be over the phone, computer, or in person by ways of unsolicited mail, emails, phone calls, or persons calling or coming to your home. Always verify who you are dealing with.


Do not leave any valuables in your car (even for a few minutes). This should include wallets, purses, bags of any sort, GPS systems, cell phones, jewelry, or computers, iPods, iPads, or any other computer tablet.


Do not leave property unattended or unsecured in your yard, along the side of your house or in an open garage. Ex. Tools, generators, bicycles, lawn mowing equipment, etc.


Here are a few other crime prevention materials offering guidance to deterring crime and promoting personal safety.

 Residential Checklist

[Download PDF]

 Personal Safety Brochure

[Download PDF]

Crime Prevention For Your Home

 CP For Your Home

Gun Safety

Gun Safety

For additional information on personal, business, or identity safety please feel free to call the Fort Lauderdale Police Department Crime Prevention Unit: 954-828-6421 

To Report an Emergency: 911

For Non Emergency Police or Fire Services: 954-764-HELP (4357)

To Contact the Police Department: 954-828-5700