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Social Media Terms of Use

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department (FLPD) recognizes and embraces the right of all members of our online audience to free speech and freedom of expression. However, all social media platforms maintained by FLPD are official forms of government communication, and as such, sexually explicit language, discriminatory or belittling statements, bullying or badgering, trolling, threats, hate speech, or endorsements of services or products will not be tolerated. Personal attacks of any kind of offensive comments that target or disparage groups based on their age, ethnic racial or gender composition, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or disability status, are prohibited. Comments advocating illegal activity or posting of material that violates copyrights or trademarks of others are also prohibited. The Fort Lauderdale Police Department reserves the right to exclude, block or ban any individual or entity posting any such prohibited comments on FLPD social media platforms, and report such conduct to the social media hosting site. Additionally, persons who post to our social media feeds are subject to the Terms of Service (TOS) of the host site. Information and/or graphic content (photos, videos, etc.) you share with or post to an official FLPD social media page is also subject to the Terms of Service of the host site and may be used by the owners of the host site for their own purposes.