The Hiring and Examination Process

Thank you for showing an interest in the career opportunities offered at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

Once you have submitted your on-line application and the required supplemental documents, the testing and hiring process can move as swiftly as 6 weeks but may take up to 6 months. How well an applicant performs during each phase of the process will determine how quickly he or she will progress. There are several police academies scheduled throughout the year, but this is not a prevailing factor in when an applicant is hired.


The City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department is one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the country, and as such employs only those persons who are ultimately the best qualified. Much emphasis is placed upon a candidate’s CHARACTER during the examination process. Indications of your honesty and integrity begin with the submission of your application. All information provided on your application, and all other forms submitted for processing, must be true, accurate, and without omission, as well as in all other stages of the testing process. This is a critical component of the process in determining if the “Moral Character” of a candidate is appropriate for employment as a Police Officer. Verification will be conducted through various sources, including an intensive background investigation and a comprehensive polygraph examination. If you desire to become a City of Fort Lauderdale Police Officer, your character MUST be beyond reproach!


ALL Non-Certified applicants are required to take the CJBAT, BMST and Swim test before the submission of an on-line application.

1. Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT) - Pass

2. Basic Motor Skills Test (BMST) - Pass

3. Swim Test - Pass

4. Oral Interview - passing score of 70% (weighted at 100%)

5. Preliminary Background Investigation – Qualifying

6. Conditional Job Offer

7. Polygraph Examination – Qualifying

8. Psychological Examination – Qualifying

9. Comprehensive Background Investigation – Qualifying

10. Medical Examination (including drug screen) – Pass

Applicants must attain a minimum overall score of 70 in order to qualify and be placed on an eligibility list. Processing of applicants will be conducted in accordance with eligibility list requirements as mandated through civil service rules.


Once your application has been approved, you will be notified by the City of Fort Lauderdale to schedule your Oral Board Interview. If you do not schedule your interview within the specified time frame, you will be considered withdrawn from the testing process. Please be sure you can commit to your scheduled interview date and time. A No-Show may result in an applicant being disqualified.

A three (3) member panel consisting of two (2) ranking officers from the Police Department and a Human Resources Representative will rate applicants in a formally structured interview. Applicants will be evaluated on characteristics important to the Police Officer position including, but not limited to, Command Presence, Integrity, Initiative/Interest, Communicative Ability, Tolerance for Stress, and Judgment/Decisiveness. Appropriate business attire is required.


The focus of the background investigation will include, but is not limited to, verification of education and training, previous employment and work history, driving history, arrest and conviction record and past or present use of drugs. Discrepancies found in the background investigation from information provided at any point in the selection process may be grounds for disqualification from the Police Officer selection process. The background investigation will be administered after a conditional offer of employment is given.


Polygraph exam results are good for six (6) months (and then only upon the written recommendation of the Police Department). The psychological exam cannot be repeated any sooner than one (1) year from the date of the removal from the eligible register (and then only upon recommendation of the psychologist).The polygraph examination and psychological examination will be administered after a conditional offer of employment is given.


Prior to being hired, eligible candidates are required to successfully complete a medical examination by the City of Fort Lauderdale’s licensed physician. Candidates will be required to meet the City’s physical standards as determined by the licensed physician. A drug screen test is part of the medical examination.


All applicants must have at least 20/30 vision in each eye with correction and 20/100 vision in each eye without correction (glasses or contact lens). Successful long-term soft contact lens wearers shall not be subject to the uncorrected criteria. Lens wearers require a letter from an optometrist or ophthalmologist stating that they have been a successful wearer for more than two (2) months. A candidate who has undergone radial keratotomy or laser surgery, may not be examined until six (6) weeks have elapsed from their last surgical procedure and must at that time meet the above stated vision requirements. Applicants must be free from color blindness and have no permanent abnormality of either eye. VISION REQUIREMENTS CANNOT BE WAIVED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.



The City of Fort Lauderdale is an equal opportunity employer.