Preferences, Required Documents, & Disqualifying Conditions


Preference will be given to applicants who possess one or more of the following qualifications:

• Have at least one (1) year of experience volunteering or working with community organizations that show the applicants’ ability to positively and effectively interact with people from a variety of cultures, languages, disabilities and socio-economic situations.

• Have at least one year experience where you had to establish and maintain a positive and effective relationship with others where you worked together as part of a team toward common goal(s).

• Have basic conversational fluency in a language other than English, especially languages frequently used by Fort Lauderdale residents and visitors which include Spanish, French Creole, Asian and Indo-European or other languages.



The following are required documents that MUST be submitted with your on-line application: 

  Non-Certified Officer Applicants MUST complete these tests PRIOR to submitting an application and the results MUST be submitted with the On-Line application 

  • 1. BASIC MOTOR SKILLS TEST (BMST)/ Physical Agility
  • 2. SWIM TEST 
  • 3. CJBAT (Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test)           


     WE DO NOT ACCEPT THE FBAT Exam as a substitute for the CJBAT. The only AGILITY TEST that is accepted is the test that is administered by THE BROWARD COLLEGE INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC SAFETY.

      Certified Officer Applicants MUST complete these tests and the results MUST be submitted with the On-Line application 


  • 1. BASIC MOTOR SKILLS TEST (BMST)/ Physical Agility
  • 2. SWIM TEST
  • These must also be submitted with your application



    A birth certificate may be submitted as proof of United States citizenship. If you are a naturalized citizen of the United States of America, you must submit a copy of your naturalization papers as proof of your citizenship or a United States of America passport.


    Possession of a GED anywhere other than the State of Florida or graduation from the USAFI is acceptable only if accompanied by an official school transcript with final grades. If a degree was acquired in a country other than the United States, evidence of equivalence from a recognized agency must be provided.


    Must have completed at least 60 semester credit hours toward an Associate's degree or higher from an accredited private or public institution that is accepted by the city, with a minimum G.P.A of 2.0. A college transcript is required. *Exceptions exist for prior law enforcement (Not Including Corrections) and Military service


    Applicants must submit a copy of a valid State of Florida driver's license with their on-line application. Information regarding your driving history is also required with the submission of your application, driver history record and the pre-job offer questionnaire.


    This document must be completed in it's entirety by the applicant and submitted with the on-line application. It is strongly recommended that you First Save the PJQ either on your hard drive or on another similar storage device then complete it. The reason for that is because sometimes after filling out the PJQ, people have told us, that when they go to upload the document or print the document it is blank. Then they have to fill the whole thing out again. It is suggested to complete the PJQ first before filling out an application on-line so that the PJQ is readily available to upload as an attachment with your on-line application. Failure to submit a complete and accurate questionnaire at the time of the on-line application will result in your application being disapproved. There will be NO exceptions. NO blank spaces are accepted on the PJQ. Please enter N/A in all inapplicable fields.

    The PJQ will be reviewed during the preliminary background review of your application packet and at several stages throughout the selection process. In answering this questionnaire, absolute honesty is important. Exaggerated, misleading or false statements will eliminate the candidate from the employment process.

    Attention MAC Users: A Mac file or Mac-formatted disk cannot be read by a PC. As a result, please refrain from using the MAC application "Previewer" function when saving your Pre-Job Questionnaire (PJQ). 

    In order for your questionnaire to be reviewed by our agency, it must be saved in an appropriate format, such as Microsoft Word for Windows document (*.doc) or converted to a Microsoft Word for PDF file. PJQs submitted in any other format are not visible for application screening purposes and, unfortunately, will not be accepted. The PJQ will not be accepted in person or by fax or mail.

    The PJQ form can be downloaded here.

    POLICE OFFICER CERTIFICATION (Certified Applicants only)

    Applicants who are applying for Certified Police Officer MUST submit their Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) certification or a certification from another State accompanied by their academy training curriculum.

    DD214 MILITARY RELEASE FORM - MEMBER 4 COPY (if applicable)

    When submitting the DD214 form, make sure that it shows type of separation and character of service. Supporting documentation will not be accepted without this information.


    This form must be completed and accompany your original on-line application in order to receive Veteran's preference points on the final eligibility list.



    Below is a list of factors that will disqualify you from being considered for employment as a police officer for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

    This is not a complete list and other factors may be considered on a case-by-case basis, such as moral character. Moral character may include, but is not limited to, factors such as other criminal activity (e.g., crimes against society, persons, or property) as well as your prior work history or general life experiences.

    These factors are considered on a case-by-case basis which may include, among other elements, the facts of each case, your age at the time, and the number of incidents.

    Disqualifying Factors: 

    A. Must NOT have been convicted of, pled guilty or nolo contendere to any felony offense.

    B. Must NOT have been convicted of, pled guilty or nolo contendere to any misdemeanor offense involving perjury, making a false statement or domestic/family violence (including abuse of the elderly or disabled). NOTE: Your entire criminal history record will be reviewed to determine your eligibility.

    C. Must NOT have received a less than honorable discharge (i.e., Other than Honorable, Bad Conduct, Dishonorable or Entry-level Separation) from any of the U.S. armed services. Uncharacterized discharges (i.e. General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions) shall be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

    D. Must NOT have body markings, tattoos, scarifications, or branding that:

    • Are of a nature to bring discredit upon the Police Department. Examples include, but are not limited to, drug-related, gang-related, extremist, obscene, indecent, sexist, or racist.

    • Depict intolerance or discrimination against any race, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identification.

    Tattoos, body marking or scarifications not described above should be concealable in a long sleeve shirt and long pant police uniform.

    • Any other tattoo, branding or scarification will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

    E. Must NOT have any outstanding traffic warrants or pending citations (including unpaid traffic fines).

    F. Must NOT be under criminal investigation or have criminal charges pending.

    G. Must NOT have a history or evidence of a violation of policy regarding discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

    H. Shall be non-users of tobacco products which include, but may not be limited to cigarettes, e-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless tobacco of any kind at all times (whether on or off duty).


    The following drug use would disqualify an applicant if any of the below mentioned were indicated in the review of the application packet, polygraph examination or background investigation:

    1. Use of any illegal drugs within three (3) years of the submission of an application for employment as a Police Officer will result in a failed background.

    2. Any more than occasional past use of marijuana over the applicant's lifetime will result in an automatic, permanent disqualification, and not within three (3) years of application.

    3. Other than Marijuana and Adderall, any past illegal use of a Schedule I or Schedule II drug, as defined by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, used in an illicit or recreational manner will result in an automatic, permanent disqualification (Controlled substance includes, but is not limited to, cocaine, crack cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, amphetamines, barbiturates, designer drugs, hallucinogens, etc.).

    4. Any more than experimental use of steroids not prescribed by a doctor for a medical condition and within five (5) years of application will result in an automatic failed background.

    5. Past sale of any illegal drug as defined by Florida State Statutes will result in an automatic, permanent disqualification.  

    6. Any use of illegal drugs after having been employed by a police, corrections or law enforcement agency in a police, corrections or law enforcement capacity will result in an automatic, permanent disqualification.

    7. Abuse of any prescription drug within five (5) years of application will result in an automatic failed background.


    Applicants who have one (1) or more of the following driving history will not be approved for testing:

    1. Accumulation of eight (8) points or more within the past thirty-six (36) months.

    2. Suspension of driver’s license within the past thirty-six (36) months.

    a. Non-traffic related suspensions, such as, insurance related suspension, shall be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    3. Four (4) or more moving violations within the past thirty-six (36) months (regardless of adjudication withheld for points).

    4. A conviction (or case pending) for DUI, DWI, or Hit and Run, within the last five (5) years.

    5. Accumulation of more than one (1) moving violation in the six (6) months prior to application.

    6. Any significant negative driving history, to be determined by management review of all relevant facts.

    It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that all tickets, accidents, and driver's license suspensions are documented on their "official" and complete driving history. Failure to disclose tickets, accidents (reported and unreported), and suspensions received but not listed on your history will be grounds for removing the candidate from the testing process.



    The City of Fort Lauderdale is an equal opportunity employer.


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