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Victim Services

The Victim Advocates with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department responds to victims of crime and trauma within the City of Fort Lauderdale. At the request of Police, Advocates respond to crime scenes to provide immediate crisis intervention and referrals to victims of sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, stalking, homicide and other violent crimes.

In addition, advocates will be there to provide emotional support, court advocacy support, and assistance in obtaining injunctions. Advocates are available for victim/witnesses in understanding how the judicial system works. They will help in filing for Victim's Compensation on behalf of those crime victims.

Victim Advocates do not give legal advice or provide long-term therapy. When necessary, referrals are made to agencies which provide these services.

All services provided by the Victim Advocates are free of charge.

Advocates are dedicated to disseminate clear information to better educate the public, survivors, and providers about victim issues and rights.

Victim Advocates can assist victims by:

• Notifying victims of their rights under the Florida Law
• Crisis Intervention and short term counseling
• Information and referral to community agencies
• Criminal Justice Support and Advocacy
• Assisting victims prepare and deliver a victim impact statement
• Assistance with victim compensation
• Emergency assistance for shelter and food
• Assisting with the return of property
• Transportation arrangements
• Personal Advocacy

Victim Advocate 

Victim Advocate Contact Information:

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault/Child Abuse: 954- 828-5507
Violent Crimes: 954-828-6718 

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