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Trespass Affidavit


All City of Fort Lauderdale Property Owners

Did you know Fort Lauderdale commercial and residential property owners can help the Fort Lauderdale Police Department prevent subjects from trespassing on your private property, even if you are absent?

It is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

1. You can obtain a Trespass Affidavit by meeting with a Department employee at the Police Department (1300 West Broward Boulevard).

2. You will be required to complete and submit a notarized No Trespass Affidavit. (Note: Multiple addresses can be listed on a single affidavit.)

3. You will then be issued a No Trespass Sign, with an authenticating offense report number, to conspicuously post on your property or properties.

By following these steps, any Fort Lauderdale police officer can act as your authorized representative, even in your absence, to order trespassers to leave your property.

 No Trespass Signs are available in the following forms and prices:

 Cardboard form (Yellow 15” x 11” – Free of Charge)

 Polyvinyl form (Yellow 15” x 11” – $5)

 Aesthetic form (Blue 9” x 12” – $3)

 The polyvinyl versions are ONLY available at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department; 
 the cardboard version can be delivered free of charge.

Fort Lauderdale Police Department Operations Bureau