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Who We Are

In recognition of the cultural and religious diversity within the City of Fort Lauderdale, a Volunteer Police Chaplain Corps has been established to administer moral, emotional and spiritual guidance and support to Fort Lauderdale Police Department personnel and their families. Volunteer Police Chaplains may also serve the citizens of the City of Fort Lauderdale by assisting police personnel in stressful situations involving serious injury or death.

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All FLPD Police Chaplains are duly ordained by a recognized religious institution with ecclesiastical authority and support. They are trained in Critical Incident Stress Symptoms and Management as well as Fort Lauderdale Police Policies and Procedures. 

FLPD Chaplains are skilled and committed to ministering to all people regardless of their religious beliefs and will always respect the beliefs of those whom they serve. They are available 24/7 on a call-out basis. 

What We Do

Police Chaplains spend many hours riding with police officers, building relationships and gaining the trust of the men and women they assist. They are ready to put their extensive training to use in a wide variety of situations including: serious automobile or airplane crashes, suicides, missing children, police involved shootings, or any crisis involving death or serious injury. Chaplains make death notifications, provide a source of expert religious advice during hostage or barricaded suspect negotiations and provide comfort and information to the bereaved. When requested they perform weddings, funerals, baptisms, offer prayers and other religious services as appropriate.

Police Chaplains also serve as a resource within the community by establishing relationships between the Police Department, the City and the Religious Leaders within the community. In such a capacity a chaplain may be called upon to involve the religious leaders in helping to calm and dispense accurate information to concerned citizens during a time of unrest. During a natural disaster, the chaplains may help coordinate the efforts and resources of the religious community and the city to provide relief.

Police department members are often confronted with situations that demoralize and create emotional, mental and spiritual burdens. These burdens affect the police employees who dealt with the incidents, their families as well as the citizens involved. Police officers and police employees often need to express their frustration and problems to someone who fully understands the circumstances surrounding their duties, without fear of repercussions.

Police chaplains are in a unique position to listen to a police employee’s problems with empathy and offer advice, counseling, and assistance when appropriate. In accordance with section 90.505 of Fla. Statues, when functioning in the performance of counseling duties, the communications between the chaplain and the counseled are privileged, and the chaplain may not be compelled to disclose the issues discussed. Officers then have the assurance that the details of their conversations with a police chaplain will not be reported to anyone. 

Interested in becoming a Police Chaplain?

We are seeking interested and qualified candidates to offer their services to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. Candidates must meet the qualifications outlined in the policy (link to the FLPD Chaplain Qualifications). Applicants may apply by completing the FLPD Chaplain Application (link to the FLPD Chaplain Application). For more information on the program, you may contact Senior Chaplain Clay Brasington at

FLPD Chaplain Qualifications

1. Be an ordained religious leader or clergyperson who lives or practices in the City of Fort Lauderdale.
2. Be endorsed by and in good standing with a recognized religious body.
3. Be a member of the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC) or meet the requirements of and be accepted for membership in that organization.
4. Have served a congregation for at least five (5) years. This may be waived under special circumstances and review by the Chief of Police or a designee.
5. Attend the Citizens Police Academy at the first available opportunity and successfully complete the course
6. Successfully complete an orientation/training course conducted by the Senior Chaplain to include familiarization with Fort Lauderdale Policies and Procedures relating to their service.
7. Agree to serve for a minimum of 2 years, with additional yearly renewals based on approval of the Chaplain Selection and Review committee. (Renewal reviews will be based on satisfactory performance total length of service, degree of involvement during the previous year’s service, number of new applicants to be reviewed, number of applicants involved in the program during any year, and the diversity of the applicants involved in the program).