Motors and Group Photos

Click to Enlarge Owen Day and mechanic, Junior Smiley 
Click to Enlarge Top L to R: Leroy Davis, Scotty Grivan, Joe McIntosh, Carl Locklar, Jack Miller, Ken Paulson, Sgt. Fred Dietrick
Bottom L to R: Bill McCutchon, Blue Leader, Harold Brewster, Larry Calhoun, Steve Larson, Larry Bland, John Casey 
Click to Enlarge Nine officers line up in front of the Police Department 
Click to Enlarge L to R: 1. Ray Small, 4. Sergeant Paulson, 11. John Smiley, 13. Scotty Grivan 
Click to Enlarge Rear L to R: Dalziel, Conboy, Smith, H, Beidler, McReynolds, Poteet, Pisseri, Strag
Middle L to R: Palmer, Carlesco, Pierson, Reynolds, Riggio, Johns, Tapperson
Front L to R: Gerhard, Tuzzo, Young, McDonald, Smith, L., Seme, Sorensen Click to view a larger photograph 
Click to Enlarge June 12, 1967 
Click to Enlarge 8th Session - 1963
Front L to R: Hollowell, Deats, Birt, Gibson, Shortle, Dziekan, Brake
Standing L to R: Kowalski, Veliky, Soderlin, Schulten, Skudnig, Harrington, Duffey, LaGraves, Garner, Eastburn, Howard, Rumsey, Christensen, Linville 
Click to Enlarge Fort Lauderdale Police Reserve Unit
circa 1977
Taken at the police station on W. Broward Blvd.
front row left to right: Ed Manns, unk, Dick Botts, Lorraine Meltz, Ray Kiddy, Flo Moque, unk, Bill Smith, unk. Joe Taylor is in the second row. Ed Tison last row third from right. 
Click to Enlarge  
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Click to Enlarge Top L to R: 1. Gene Bigney, 6. George Tanner, 7. Ron Hammond, 8. Dudley Johnson, 11. Mike Wolf, 12. Russ Franza
Bottom L to R: 1. Bob Johnston, 2. Bruce Lieberman, 6. Roy Janson, 7. Mike Slepecky 
Click to Enlarge Second annual police retirement party - 1985 
Click to Enlarge L to R: Alan VanSant, Ed King, Russ Hanstein, Earnest Folino, Henry S. Mays, Frank Schueler, (center): John J. Harrington (Nat'l Pres.), Joseph Macintosh, Frank Grady, Lenny Oliveri, Ray Szymanski, unk, unk, unk 
Click to Enlarge Five motor officers  
Click to Enlarge Idylwyld Drive in the mid to late 50s 
Click to Enlarge First row L to R: Charlie Wrains, unk, Mike Slepecky, Dennis Stores, Fred Dietrich
Back two rows L to R: Quinn Tindal, Jim Barry, Bob Zeim, Jack Halsey, unk, John Smiley, Harry Fording 
Click to Enlarge Officers in formation  
Click to Enlarge 10th Session
August 19 thru October 11, 1963
L to R: Gaston, Stockton, Evans, Schiano, Wilson, Banks, Stip, Emrich, Darcy, Hummel, Lallance, James, Flaugher, Miller, Thomas, Matthews, Vonstein, Walsh, Osborne, Risner, Hampton, Von Behren, Davenpoft, Kubala, Sedberry, Ortega 
Click to Enlarge 17 Session, March 1966
Click to Enlarge Front L to R: 3. Bill Bransfield, 4. Geofrge Grosheim, 7. Henry Mays
Center L to R: 3. unk, 5. George Holmes, 6. Bob Schulties
Rear Left: 10. C. Guy Page 

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