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Street Crimes Division

The Street Crimes Division is comprised of the following units:  Property Crimes, Rapid Offender Control and Crime Analysis.  Each unit has their own responsibility of investigation.  These three areas are interconnected and allow for a comprehensive investigative division that provides investigative follow on property crimes and the prolific offenders committing these crimes.

The main number for the Street Crimes Division is (954) 828-6988 from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. 

Property Crimes Unit:
The Property Crimes Unit provides investigative follow-up for all thefts of motor vehicles, vessels, heavy equipment and any other felony larcenies.  The Property Crimes Unit also investigates the theft of items taken after an individual has unlawfully entered a person’s residence, business, vehicle, or boat.  After a uniformed police officer or public safety aide has conducted a preliminary investigation, the case will be assigned to a detective for further investigation.  The Detectives review each case and pursue any leads that could likely lead to the arrest of a suspect or the recovery of stolen property.  Since the likelihood of recovering a victim’s property many times rests on the reporting of each item’s serial number, it is strongly recommended that this information be kept in a safe place.  Please visit the Crime Prevention section of our web site for tips that will greatly reduce your chances of becoming a burglary victim.

Rapid Offender Control (ROC) Unit:
The Rapid Offender Control Unit, or ROC Unit, focuses on four major crimes within the City of Fort Lauderdale.  Those crimes are felony theft, burglary of a vehicle, burglary of a structure, and robbery.  The primary objective of the ROC Unit is to respond to in-progress or just-occurred crimes and immediately begin the investigation.  Their goal is to gather as much information as possible while at the scene and relay it to the patrol officers on the street to better enable them to locate and apprehend the offender(s).  In addition, ROC Unit detectives work closely with the Property Crimes Unit to develop investigative leads and apprehend known offenders.

Crime Analysis Unit:
The Crime Analysis Unit is a resource center for the collection, maintenance, analysis and dissemination of pertinent crime information. By performing statistical and analytical research using a variety of applications and mapping programs, the analysts work to identify trends and patterns in criminal activity. Crime analysts also continuously evaluate offenders to determine if they meet the criteria to qualify as prolific offenders.  Once an adult or juvenile is qualified as a prolific offender, the analysts within the Unit will monitor them throughout their legal proceedings, incarceration and after their release.  It has been determined that 6% of the people commit 60% of the crimes.  By monitoring the prolific offenders, the Police Department can more effectively utilize our assets to prevent and investigate crimes.  This practice is commonly known as Intelligence Led Policing.