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Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division provides investigative follow-up for a number of crimes including arson, auto theft, burglary, felony vandalism, hate crimes, fraud, theft, homicide, robbery, aggravated battery, felony domestic violence, elderly abuse, sexual battery and child abuse. Members of the Division also support this function through crime scene processing, fingerprint analysis, career criminal monitoring, sexual offender monitoring, criminal intelligence analysis, missing person’s investigations and fugitive apprehension.

The main number for the Criminal Investigations Division is (954) 828-4900 from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. If you wish to provide information that may assist detectives, please visit the Help Solve a Crime section of our website.

Narcotics and Prostitution complaints are handled by the Special Investigations Division at (954) 828-5661.

The Criminal Investigations is divided into the following specialized units:

Career Criminal Unit
The Career Criminal Unit is tasked with the monitoring of those individuals who have been deemed by the courts as habitual offenders. They work closely with State Probation and Parole officers to ensure these individuals comply with the terms of their release and to discourage future criminal behavior. The unit is responsible for locating and apprehending fugitives wanted by detectives and coordinates with other jurisdictions for the arrest and return of suspects who have fled the area. Members of the unit are assigned to a federal task force sponsored by the US Marshals Service and a county wide gang task force. Please visit our Top 10 Most Wanted section to assist this unit in the apprehension of individuals suspected of committing crimes in our community.

Economic Crimes Unit
The Economic Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating the offenses of fraud, embezzlement, identity theft and arson. Members of the unit are also assigned to a federal fraud task force sponsored by the US Secret Service. Detectives work closely with the State Attorney’s Office to determine if an offense is criminal or civil in nature. Investigators also work with members of the business community to assist other detectives in cases where financial data has been taken during another offense and used fraudulently. Since many of these offenses cross multiple jurisdictions, members of this unit work cooperatively with other municipal, state and federal law enforcement investigators. Please visit our Identity Theft Resource and Response Center for additional information and links.

Members assigned to the Economic Crimes Unit may be reached at (954) 828-5557 from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday.

Violent Crimes Unit
The Violent Crimes Unit is charged with the investigation of all robbery offenses (the taking of property by force or the threat of force) as well as all aggravated assault/battery offenses which are not domestic in nature. The Unit works closely with other local, state and federal agencies to ensure that perpetrators of these type offenses receive the maximum penalties under the law.

Members assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit may be reached at (954) 828-5508 from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday.

Homicide Unit
The Homicide Unit investigates and reviews some of the most serious incidents that affect the lives, health and welfare of the public. All suspicious and accidental deaths are investigated by this unit along with all suicides, homicides and any police officer involved shooting. The Unit also investigates missing persons where foul play is suspected and batteries on law enforcement officers.

Homicide detectives routinely assist other jurisdictions with death investigations when requested. The Homicide Unit also investigates ‘cold case’ or unsolved homicides, some dating back as far as 1955. Detectives are tasked with reviewing all ‘cold case’ homicides and submitting items of evidence for analysis using advanced forensic technology. Detectives have achieved success on ‘cold cases’ and made arrests on several unsolved homicides including one that occurred in 1975 using DNA profiling.

Members assigned to the Homicide Unit may be reached at (954) 828-5534 from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday.

Special Victims Unit
The Special Victims Unit investigates all child abuse, elderly abuse and neglect, sex offenses, domestic violence, parental kidnapping, stalking, hate crimes, missing children and internet crimes against children. The Unit is also staffed with victim advocates to assist those who are affected by these crimes. Additionally, the Unit monitors the City's registered sexual predators and sexual offenders.

Members assigned to the Special Victims Unit may be reached at (954) 828-5724 from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday.

Forensic Unit
The Forensic Unit functions in support of the Criminal Investigations Division. Its primary mission is the processing of major crime scenes such as homicides, suicides, accidental and suspicious deaths, assaults, sexual batteries, robberies, child abuse and other felony crimes. Members of this unit are tasked with the collection, interpretation, preservation and court presentation of physical evidence from crime scenes.

Fingerprint Unit
The Latent Fingerprint and Classification Unit provides a variety of services geared toward the technical analysis of fingerprints. Unit personnel serve as expert witnesses during court proceedings and provide fingerprint identification services to for the Department, other municipalities, State agencies, federal agencies and assist in the identification of disaster victims. The Unit also provides fingerprinting services to the community for immigration, Health and Rehabilitative Service clearances, issuance of firearm permits and other license requirements.